Stupidity Ocean Poem by Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean)

Stupidity Ocean

Rating: 3.5

As i'm taken to meet thee one day
Without any prior permission
Minds will drown that's when I may
But not into my stupidity ocean

When secrets in hearts stay long
Anon to be gone to a forlorn aura

When thou art in an anguish
And thine ark is afraid of thee
Silence shalt be the language
For the sails to sing for the sea

I'm in love with my insaneness
A lonely beggar craven heart
I wish I could have no farewell to thee

If I am thy soothing burthens,
Thou shall be the death of my cantons
And if death hath woven my shroud
Wickedness wilt be the master of passions

Where waters of one choice
Dwell those haunted spirits moe

When I discern thy voice
Come down to me, poppet
When thine ark will punish
Thy shivering lonely puppet

I will always be the same
But needless to know thy name
Down with my fie I shall not see thee

Now I wish to pray thee
Approach me to have my delight
Ere mine ark meets the sea
Through all of these dying unwritten lines

Lonely shore, no remorse, but a wan wench
Methink it's the cunning way to treat a wish

October 10 at 5: 13am

Rania Hammoud 25 October 2011

You write so far so good..It's a well organized poem and well expressed. Lovely rhyme. I most liked the first stanza and the last triplet.Good job.Go ahead.

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