A Red Sad Coat Poem by Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean)

A Red Sad Coat

a lifewish ends undone
and the neverending tale goes on

I hid myself devouring my fears
in every second I escape
from my intimate self
to see you in my imagination
too many words imprisoned in my mind

my word, is my only word to say
but fear of my gloominess thoughts
i'm sinking, waving with my clothes
I only wished for you to glance me behind
behind your warm fresh emotions

i'm searching for my only right to beg of you
I can remember when the steam ate my sight
for long hours I walked with the wind
now as it should be 'you and I shall be joined'

you belong to me, you are what my mind incloses
disagreed with those friendly ghosts of mine
those many thoughts, those many laughters
belong to my world, i'm nothing but a crossing wind

now am I welcomed to your heart?
as much as you are in mine.

breathing your innocent look
and your sad red coat
you were the moon in that night
seeking to take your fears away

this primrose on the way to heaven's gate
dwelling my heart and the neverending tale
will not reach the end before that word from you
take heed my love I will not ever be loved
and I will leave you be my love

The Lost.. 16 April 2010

it's very sad but i liked it. keep writing: D

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Emotional, beautifully penned. Capturing read! ; D

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Abhinav Baruah 30 April 2010

Poignant.. deep mind blowing poem... Thank you for sharing..10+

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Omar Ibrahim 16 April 2010

a lifewish ends undone and the neverending tale goes on ----excellent opening you wrote.. well done it's a nice poem thanks for sharing

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Merna Ibrahim 16 April 2010

I really love this tender and sad poem...Well Done Mohammed=) Invite me anytime to read your latest poems! ! 10++

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Reem Ehab 16 April 2010

NO COMMENT! ! ...really I can't find words to express this amazing poem..this piece is a masterpiece.. I like your poems alot.. they are thoughtful, meaningful.. and Impressive.. Keep writing poet! ..

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