The Same Blue Daybreak Poem by Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean)

The Same Blue Daybreak

Rating: 4.5

the same footsteps that I take
in the same roads that I walk
with the same sins that I make
about the same love I never had

the same love war that I never won
with the same homesick that mourns
over the same torn bodies gowns
chanting the same old succors hands

though there's nothing I can do
but the same old sacrifices
that won't ever let me down

I live the same cold nights alone
that I spend entirely awake
till the same blue daybreak

Zaynab Elzain 05 July 2010

after this poem i don't think that i feel the, cause u just make think about the samething lol

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John Knight 05 July 2010

Mohammed - There is an ineviable sameness baout all our lives and when yoy get older it gets worse. Sme roads - sins - inrequtied love - homesickness - sacrifices - cold nights and blue daybreaks. But take heart you are only 20 - you have your whole life to lok forward to. In 50 years time (when you are 7! ! !) you will write a very different poem celebrating yor diversity! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing - Yours through poetry - JOHN.

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Lady Grace 05 July 2010

well delivered.. the same blue skies of white sparkling shadows a moon shines from the borrowed meadows...

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Saadat Tahir 12 July 2010

the same footsteps that I take in the same roads that I walk with the same sins that I make the same.........the same..................the same............. does aything ever change...for the better...... here abouts very touching and strong lines folded in well with a composure and liuistic finesse well done cheers

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Omar Ibrahim 07 July 2010

well I think that is the life..never be sad for an affliction and never be happy for a are born to pray, build and do it's good to sacrifice anyway thanks for sharing (ana ro7t iskendereya el esboo3 elly fat we la2etha agmal bekeer men el sana elly fatet....we mesh za7ma we nedeefa we met3'ayyara howwa eh elly 7asal?)

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Merna Ibrahim 05 July 2010

Although, it is a grievous poem but it is really so pure and touching...good job!

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Reem Ehab 05 July 2010

the same words that I will always say.. you are a distinctive extraordinary poet..your poems are so meaningful..and this one is a stunner..

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The Lost.. 05 July 2010

why is it that sad? ? ? nice written thanks for sharing..

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