Seeing You Poem by Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean)

Seeing You

Rating: 5.0

I see you everyday

I will not see dreams because
when the devil comes
I feel happy, i'm seeing you
now she is clinging to be
what I once was and now
she can cease the dreams

she is always doing
what the pharaohs had done
they were keeping the flesh
of the dead and she is
keeping all the wrong
that I've done in my life

and when every dream
comes i'm hoping not
to see you because when
the devil comes I feel like
I have to say that you make me like
I want to scream and you will draw X on me

I always say to myself I have my dreams in me
no one can take what remains to my life


cool poem :) keep up the good work! ! :)

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Romeo Della Valle 10 January 2010

Wow! this piece reminds of my ex-wife meeting me on payday (I call her, 'the devil's daughter') well penned, letting your true feeling out, keep it up! 10+++

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Merna Ibrahim 10 January 2010

A great poem my friend, you expressed your feelings towards 'her' in a nice way. Good Job..keep it up :) Merna

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Lady Grace 09 January 2010

owwwwwwww..i hope ur dreams will be all fine...nice piece..smileeee

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Omar Ibrahim 09 January 2010

good write my friend another beautiful poem....thanks for sharing

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