Such A Feeling In My Mind...... Poem by Ravi Sathasivam

Such A Feeling In My Mind......

Rating: 5.0

Such a feeling in my mind
When you say I am your love
I felt this world has belonged to me
I love you today as I will tomorrow
So many days come and gone
Will any day be good without your love
Oh my love, you are the star that guides my life
I will hold you in my heart till my end
Everything in you is so immense and beautiful
I promise you now, I will give all I have
It's not who you are to the world but it's who you are to me
Loving you is something I can not explain
But my words can tell you how much you mean to me
No matter where ever I am but my love never dies for you

Marieta Maglas 29 November 2009

No matter where ever I am but my love never dies for you a very beautiful lyrical poem, the ideas are well expressed... 10++++++++++

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Eyan Desir 24 November 2009

well written well expressed

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Omar Ibrahim 24 November 2009

i don't know if you mean something by(a feelings) , but (a) never comes after it a plural...if you don't mean something by breaking this rule. but the poem is wonderful just don't stop writing....great work :) i give it 10.

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Kesav Easwaran 24 November 2009

good work...liked the affection love and sincerity the poem carries inside...10

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Shalini Sundararamalingam 24 November 2009

nice poem again, but i felt its like the continuation of the poem somewhere of my love....

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