Paula Glynn

Sugar & Spice - Poem by Paula Glynn

This relationship is like sugar & spice,
Yet, to me, you are always nice,
You should hate me,
For the amount of times I get angry,
But I know you still love me.
It's difficult, though, when we fight,
But we always kiss and make up,
The sugar & spice that we are,
For you are my treasure, you are my star,
And I need your love and your touch,
Even though I am, sometimes, too much,
But you were always my first crush,
My first love that attracted me,
With the twinkling lights of your soul,
And our hearts we each hold.
I cannot express how much I love you:
I just do and always want you here,
So if you see my dark side,
Don't run away in fear,
I am only human and will never turn on you,
I just have a quick temper;
It is nothing against you,
So please forgive me and let me kiss you,
Because I do what I do for you,
And I shall always be here,
No matter the distance or time,
And you I will never leave behind,
No matter where I go on my travels.

Sugar is because I am so sweet to you,
And I feed your tongue with kisses so sweet,
And spice because I am hot with passion.
And I love your eager touch,
That drowns me like a bottle of vodka,
For we drink punch and rum,
Losing our inhibitions and feeling such passion,
And with you I want action,
Because together we are sugar & spice,
And just because I am not nice,
Doesn't mean I am not nice to you.
Only you have a right to this heart,
And I know I get passionate sometimes,
But your patience is what I love about you,
And your understanding helps lift this heart,
Where I can be down in the dumps,
For it is cold outside,
But I always have a home with you,
And I hope you know this is true for you,
So take me home tonight,
Where we can kiss and touch,
The moonlight upon our bodies.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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