Suicide Poem by elena winters


she found a way to get rid of all the pain
by slicing her flesh to bleed it all away

to bad she cut the wrong vein
and bled to death in a tub full of red rain

one last breath of life she took
before the devil snatched her soul from her lips

and then came bursting in was her friend
with the note she held in the palm of her hand

and in that note was the words she said

'to all who stripped me of my innocence
beware for i will kill your spirits

i now walk down the path of death into the gates of hell
i dwell with darkness for it is my shell

revenge so sweet like a fruit from a tree
but yet so rotten like a dead body decomposing

curse your heart, mind, body, and soul
for you will pay for the lives you stole

6 of you will die in vain of sufferin causes that you cant explain
be prepared and say your prayers cause that is the only thing that may save you

6 days later

sunday she was found with a telephone cord tied around her neck hanging from her bedroom window

monday he was found in the basement with his eyes ripped out of his head next to his organs with maggots feasting on every blood vessel

tuesday he was found lying on the kitchen floor with with his lungs hanging out of his chest

wednesday she was found in the bathroom laying next to the bottle of asprin pills which are now missing

thursday she was found in the alley with her brains splattered against the the dumpster while holding the gun between her fingers

friday the body was never found.........i have a special treat for him as i fed him to the flesh eating demons that craved his soul

welcome to my world

Khaos Dven 04 February 2009

God i love it! keep writing dark ones like these =D

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Ghosty Ohls 13 November 2008

this is a good poem =)

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okeydokey #3 02 November 2008

gosh...that is really gross...! gosh...

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Anjali Sinha 26 October 2008

ouch! ! too much for me I dont like themes of suicide I like love and peace but your write --its great! ! ! ! do write more coz u great writer on love and peace. XXXXXX10 anju (do check out mine)

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