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Surrendering To Him.

Rating: 5.0

I feel so helpless. Washed up on the rocks.
My arms and legs tied behind me...
In a distance there you are, sinking out of my sight.
I flop and wiggle trying to release myself from the fishers net
which purposely captured me.
The devil himself claws at my flesh,
as the evil one's twine tightens up
around my wrists, ankles and throat.
Like a fish on dry land~dry sand.
The wind is knocked out of me.

My head now throbbing and my body bloodied
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Corrine Andrews 20 May 2009

That is an amazing poem. You get my vote! ! !

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Meggie Gultiano 19 October 2007

A wonderful uplifting piece! i cannot forget this!

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... Sheila 30 May 2007

WOW! You have a way with words here! Although no one could actually, I think, fathom the true depth of the evil of Satan, I think you've come pretty darned close! I actually felt kind of claustrophopic as I read the part where you were against the rocks, hands and feet bound, sand in your wounds, tears and water in your mouth, Satan tearing at your flesh. All I can say is WOW again! But, then prayer brings the solace of the Lord and it reminds me of the passage in the Bible where the storm brews up on the fishermen's boat and Jesus is sleeping down below. Everyone is terrified and He calmly comes on deck, holds out His hand and says, 'Peace, be still'. That's what we all need to remember when storms come into our lives. This is a terrific poem!

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