Swinging Poem by Ho Xuan Huong


Rating: 3.2

Praise whoever raised these poles
for some to swing while others watch.

A boy pumps, then arcs his back.
The shapely girl shoves up her hips.

Four pink trousers flapping hard,
two pairs of legs stretched side by side.

Spring games. Who hasn't known them?
Swingposts removed, the holes lie empty.

Normal girl 26 November 2018

Even if I don't understand it, I like it! Could somebody explain it? It's better than the other poem I read.

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Chris Noir 26 November 2018

Sounds to me it's about hanging people by the neck but that's just me :)

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i..am..a girl 26 November 2018

um hello! does anyone know normal girl?

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Gerhardus Keen 28 June 2017

Happy and sad all in one poem. Happy whilst they're swinging. But sad because of the empty holes where swings were removed.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 26 November 2018

Such a great write by Ho Xuan Huong.....................

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Diana 01 August 2020

The pole represents. And whole poem is about. The biological act of human is nicely presented. Legs stretched and pole removed leaving hole empty.

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Edward Kofi Louis 26 November 2018

Spring games! ! Thanks for sharing.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 26 November 2018

A song of life full of it's ups and down. May be with some spiritual aspect

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i am a girl 26 November 2018

somehow, i do not very like it bc..maybe i haven't read it properly

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i am a girl 26 November 2018

mm, i actually didn't really like it

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