Weaving At Night Poem by Ho Xuan Huong

Weaving At Night

Rating: 2.9

Lampwick turned up, the room glows white.
The looms moves easily all night long

as feet work and push below.
Nimbly the shuttle flies in and out,

wide or narrow, big or small, sliding in snug.
Long or short, it glides out smoothly.

Girls who do it right, let it soak.

Here is another translation of the same poem:

Light turned on, it is found such a white,
The stalk moves slightly and repeatedly all night.

Pushing with the feet, but lightly release,
Shuttle passing through brings joy and ease.

Large or narrow, small or big they all fit,
Long and short, size and form so be it.

To make it best, girl needs to soak it with care .
The cloth color won't fade before three whole years.

Ratnakar Mandlik 03 October 2015

Beautiful write. Enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing.

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Ramesh T A 03 October 2015

Weaving at night needs special care and technique that only women possess in nature!

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Britte Ninad 27 August 2018

greatly penned- happy to read second translation

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M Asim Nehal 04 January 2018

Women in different shades, there is so much to say about them and the poetess did it perfectly

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Seema Jayaraman 03 October 2015

I imagined the women of yore weaving away, their tiny feet and hands working all night..thanks for sharing

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Anish Debnath 03 October 2015

It is a lovely poem to read.Beautifully written.

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Rajnish Manga 03 October 2015

Both of the poetic versions are highly readable. The language is so powerful that the entire scene comes alive before our eyes. Amazing poetry.

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Ho Xuan Huong

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