Talking To The Dead Poem by Violet Llewellyn

Talking To The Dead

You killed yourself yesterday and I'm still talking to you because I think you can hear me. I know what you did for me. I can see it now so clearly, and so I'm saying, ''Thank you'' and wishing I hadn't been so stupid.
I'm at your funeral now, and nobody's crying but me because they all just shake their heads. They think you were self destructive. I can read it in their eyes, but I know they're all wrong.
You were true to yourself always, and I know you didn't kill yourself for yourself. I know you did it for me.
I was so stupid, and I see it now. I promise you I will try never to be stupid again, because I see what I have done.
You killed yourself to show me how bad it would be.
You killed yourself because I wanted to kill myself, and you couldn't talk me out of it.
You took my place because you thought I had so much to live for, when you had nothing.
You showed me, the only way you could think of.
That's why I'm here crying, seeing everybody stare.
That's why I won't try to kill myself. You showed me how valuable life is.
That's why I love you.
That's why I love you.

Maya Earl 30 May 2009

amazing... You have a beautiful way with words :)

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Rachel Baumgardner 14 December 2007

wow. I am becoming a big fan of you. once again, a poem that made me think. wonderful -applauds-

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DMG Emmie 19 October 2007

Wow...that was and edge of your seat poem! ! ! I loved it!

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Erica Cervantes 10 October 2007

that is such a great poem i truely admire you so much keep it up

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