Violet Llewellyn

Rookie (July 25,1992 / Outer Space)

Violet Llewellyn Poems

1. My Truth 1/28/2007
2. Ballerina (For Anne) 7/23/2007
3. For Ah 8/30/2007
4. Number The Emotions 9/26/2007
5. Bonedancer 10/17/2007
6. If It's An Accident 11/8/2007
7. A Play On Death 2/4/2008
8. Daddy Taught Me Music 2/7/2008
9. Ode To A Housewife 4/11/2008
10. Love, Music, And Dancing 9/29/2007
11. Definition Of Poetry 2/7/2008
12. Deity's Insane Plaything 1/16/2007
13. Katie And Tommy (For Ah) 8/1/2007
14. Pasting Stars 8/2/2007
15. I Am The Lost Girl 1/18/2007
16. There Is No Future (It's Not What You Think) 9/4/2007
17. Talking To The Dead 10/10/2007
18. There Are No Children Here 8/20/2007
19. Killing The Female Stereotype 7/23/2007
20. Broken Pieces Of Emotion 8/16/2007
Best Poem of Violet Llewellyn

Broken Pieces Of Emotion

When you're broken
You have to hold in the pieces
And never let yourself
Love too deeply or hope too much
Step away
When you feel the touch
Of new days dawning
Up from the dust
Never call the name
Of what you wish
It makes your dreams
Shatter like glass
Lie strewn about
When all you wanted
Was just one wish
To mend the broken soul
That loved too deeply
And hoped too much
Punishing you, leaving you
To hold in the pieces
While they turn to dust

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Katie And Tommy (For Ah)

Katie loves Tommy but he doesn't know
She acts too indifferent for her love to show
But Katie loves Tommy, you know it is true
Because Katie loves Tommy and Katie told you
You carry her secret, promise not to tell
That the first time she met him Katie fell
In love with Tommy and didn't know why
Wished she could tell Tommy but Katie's too shy

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