There Is No Future (It's Not What You Think) Poem by Violet Llewellyn

There Is No Future (It's Not What You Think)

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I have climbed the mountains of wonder
I have seen the valleys of death
I have wakened the deaf with silence
I have suffocated immortals with breath

I have run from sure victory
I have stared in the face of defeat
I have bottled the wind from the ocean
I have prevailed when surely beat

All this I have done
All this and more
I know what the past is
But none of what's in store

Will the earth convulse in sadness?
Will dawn break and joy reign again?
Can we venture to the depths of space?
Can we travel to any when?

Confusion and a cacophony
Of breath and stilling air
The future does not matter
Because we are already there

Emancipation Planz 04 September 2007

Your 'there' is filled with the tenacity of youth... keep sharing... aroha Deana PS forget the spelling... diversity is the integral part of the mix

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Brian Mills 04 September 2007

very nice were right....not what i expected with the title you chose.....glad i read it though.....thnx for sharing! ! Brian

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Phats Li 04 September 2007

this was a wondering write! ! ..much alohas sandra

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Violet Llewellyn

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