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When you're broken
You have to hold in the pieces
And never let yourself
Love too deeply or hope too much

You think I'm weak
That all I do is twirl
In a dress
Just because I'm a girl

The untrained eye
Walks down the street
And sees children
But they're not children

You killed yourself yesterday and I'm still talking to you because I think you can hear me. I know what you did for me. I can see it now so clearly, and so I'm saying, ''Thank you'' and wishing I hadn't been so stupid.
I'm at your funeral now, and nobody's crying but me because they all just shake their heads. They think you were self destructive. I can read it in their eyes, but I know they're all wrong.
You were true to yourself always, and I know you didn't kill yourself for yourself. I know you did it for me.
I was so stupid, and I see it now. I promise you I will try never to be stupid again, because I see what I have done.

I have climbed the mountains of wonder
I have seen the valleys of death
I have wakened the deaf with silence
I have suffocated immortals with breath

I am the lost girl
the one of the earth
the one of the north
the one of your birth

Paste the stars up in the sky
Any way you want
So you can show what beauty is
To you

Katie loves Tommy but he doesn't know
She acts too indifferent for her love to show
But Katie loves Tommy, you know it is true
Because Katie loves Tommy and Katie told you

The dark grew light
The light grew dim
Stark and white
The world of whim

I can't describe this feeling
So I really don't know why I'm writing about it
But I have to put it down on paper
To hold it and keep it safe

One act of kindness
Two hands raised in faith
Calling out to you
From a brilliant pool of light

Bonedancer upon your prizes
With rhythms of movement
Like feet turned to feathers
Glory in your triumph

One stark black strip of madness
On a balmy brightened eve
With two pinpricks of disaster
And three souls that don't believe

Distorted images
And just a touch
Of insanity
Because that’s what makes us

Time to play B-sides
Dance and sway
We’re all non-conformists
Still misguided in our dignity

Poetry is the collateral damage from dreaming.
It’s a horror of thought and images tumbled together,
Things you see that are not really there.

In repose—elegance
Housedress clad frame
Of teeth and nails
Steel ball-bearing eyes


I can't seem to say the right thing
Act the right way
Be the right one
But it seems to be okay

Love is pain
You have nothing left to gain
Death is salvation but not
Inside your heaven you're

A spinning top
Leaping across the floor
Coming down with a flourish
No one knows she's sore

Violet Llewellyn Biography

If you're wondering where I went, check here: http: // I suppose I should say something about myself, but that's not one of my strong points, so I'll make a list: Pseudonym: Violet Llewellyn Age: 15 DOB: 7/25/92 Religious Preference: Pagan Official Titles: Shodan (Sensei) Passion: Dancing (Ballet) Obsessions: Scrabble and Writing I have written one novel (I Never Said I Was Perfect) and am working on another (By Anything but the Moon) . They are not published, but have a website at http: // I also have a blog, http: //

The Best Poem Of Violet Llewellyn

Broken Pieces Of Emotion

When you're broken
You have to hold in the pieces
And never let yourself
Love too deeply or hope too much
Step away
When you feel the touch
Of new days dawning
Up from the dust
Never call the name
Of what you wish
It makes your dreams
Shatter like glass
Lie strewn about
When all you wanted
Was just one wish
To mend the broken soul
That loved too deeply
And hoped too much
Punishing you, leaving you
To hold in the pieces
While they turn to dust

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DMG Emmie 31 July 2007

Storm, You are a very talented poet. I hope you write more soon, I look foward to reading them! ! ! :)

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