Teacher Poem by Anusha Subramanian


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With a caring mind and noble heart,
You teach us the life’s art.
Taking on a tough task,
You bring us on the life’s path.

Each day we see you,
We learn a new thing,
Which adds to our quality,
Like a little ding,
Inspired by your dignity, love and compassion.

Each time we come to you, you act as a parent.
Each time we come to you, you impart your talent.
You shape our personality, teach us the reality and
You build our confidence.

You took this path in your life,
To enlighten the path of ours,
Building up our life.
Teaching us attitudes,
And we pay with gratitude.

Without you we are not who we are,
Without you we are not what we are.

No words can express our thanks,
No gifts can express our gratitude,
Or the love that we have for you.
So, the least we can do is honor this day to every teacher to assure that,
You live in our hearts now and forever! !

Happy Teacher's Day!

James Thomson 04 September 2009

its very good, i like it n i dont think it needs any improvements but if you like your teacher that much then you should make a better poem for your folks if you havent yet

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 04 September 2009

perfect poem from the heart...with gratitude...very well done...all the best

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Sandhya S N 05 September 2009

Very brilliant poem which will be a perfect gift to the teachers well written regards sandhya

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Vijay Sai R 16 May 2010

Your poem is a tribute to every inspiring teacher!

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Jenna Thomas 03 October 2009

Lovely :) You remind me that we are all here for a purpose. Sometimes we are to selfish to realize that we can teach. I'm proud of your teachers to inspire you. Thank you for sharing.

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Paul Hansford 28 September 2009

A very gratifying poem about the love and respect shown (by some pupils) to their teachers. For the other side of this, see my poem 'Little Mr Hansford's Car.'

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Hebert Logerie Sr. 12 September 2009

Great homage to all Teachers! You're indeed a very grateful poet, not a selfish ingrate. I promise you if you give a copy to all of your Teachers, you'll be well respected and fairly graded. A++++++ Keep on studying hard. Hebert 9/12/2009

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Musical Notes 12 September 2009

A very fitting tribute to the teacher...... good one

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