Each Time I Closed My Eyes Poem by Anusha Subramanian

Each Time I Closed My Eyes

Rating: 5.0

Long after mom kissed me good night,
I was afraid to turn off the light,
As horrible figures danced before me,
Each time I closed my eyes.

I twisted and turned on my bed,
To forget those eyes of sparkling red,
Which flashed before me,
Each time I closed my eyes.

It was past mid night,
When I realized it was stupid of me,
To get afraid of silly images,
Each time I close my eyes.

The thought gave me the courage,
To move on with the horrible figures,
Longer than I did till then,
Each time I closed my eyes.

A man with horrible mask,
A woman with frightening nails,
A child with scary eyes,
And a dazzling fire flared up this time,
As I closed my eyes.

My eyes were shut tight,
As I controlled my self to hold longer,
And these figures began to fade,
Leaving behind a black screen.

From then on I knew what to do,
To get rid of frightful images,
And that was to move on,
Each time I close my eyes.

Fade Ward 10 June 2009

when i read this it made me happy something i need alot the kneeling grace of this peom is written very well i enjoyed it very much post back and do keep writting 10+++

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you definitely have a free flow of words...and you don't waver from the subject you chose keep writing anusha

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Subroto Chatterjee 10 June 2009

You are not alone.... Cheers. Subroto

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Marieta Maglas 10 June 2009

By expressing her sensations, the poet uses in her lyric poem cognitive metaphors, eg.'' My eyes were shut tight, '' and visual metaphor, eg: ''To forget those eyes of sparkling red''. The stanzas format does justice to the theme....good poem..10++

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Kesav Easwaran 12 June 2009

a good poem creative i must say, inspired perhaps by a scary dream...good work Anusha...thanks...10

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Kesav Easwaran 11 October 2009

Close your eyes to badness...a moral you are inserting onto the narration of your horror night experience...good work...i liked...10

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Vandavasu Vittal 29 September 2009

Good poetry interesting to read. So you suggest that moving into nothingness leads us to two more paths eternity of bliss and woe or something beyond good and bad something like exceeding polarity. Well than you try to break open the narrow domestic walls good poetry and thought.

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Jen Capaldi 26 September 2009

a very inticately woven poem of addressing and conquering our fears, both internal and external. nicely worded and wound together to create a vivid visual poem. good work. keep writing. Jen

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Louis Rams 26 September 2009

i see two points in this poem. 1) the closing of the eyes will not make the horrors dissapear 2) the closing of the eyes can lead you to follow a better path in life. either way- the poem is very good and well written. a ten

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Lily Jeanne Spear 20 September 2009

it was as if your soul was scared to look within until you found the strength inside i liked this poem lots!

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