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Touch Me Not; But Leave Me Not;

Touch me not, when you find me;
Wander in huge wild thoughts
May sometimes I ponder you;
And scrumble you through my life

I Too Need You …

What happened to you dear?
To stroll away from me with fear! !
Can’t U see me standing near?
With love U always longed for ever!


I use to wear it so simply
The radiant armor, my pretty smile
One can see me as warrior
While I wear it brilliantly

I Am Left, On My Own! ! !

Was it on a starry night? ! !
Was it in a dusky day? ! !
I heard a clarion in my heart! !
I heard that whisper soft at heart! !

A Betrayed Heart! ! !

Heart! Heart! Lovely heart
The call of a mercantile
Vicious and wittiest
To sell his golden dazzling hearts

Sandhya S.N Comments

An analysis of Ms Sandhya's poetry shows a few things: that a young woman needs to self improve on an ongoing basis to be well known! her poems hover around a few themes and do have some some4thing to communicate but the craftsmanship minutiae let her down!

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p.a. noushad 17 April 2010

simple language and gives very deep insight of life, i like your poems very much sandhya

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Subroto Chatterjee 08 April 2009

You wrote: 'If time persist please read my poems I am left on my own, Touch me not but leave me not and The Constitution' ? ? ? ? ? ? Whoaaaa! ! ! ! ! Seriously Sandhya, If you were given poetic licence, You'd kill..with words, ofcourse! IN the meantime, if time permits (! !) , I'll take a look at your poems. Cheers. Subroto.

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