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Touch me not, when you find me;
Wander in huge wild thoughts
May sometimes I ponder you;
And scrumble you through my life

What happened to you dear?
To stroll away from me with fear! !
Can’t U see me standing near?
With love U always longed for ever!


I use to wear it so simply
The radiant armor, my pretty smile
One can see me as warrior
While I wear it brilliantly

Was it on a starry night? ! !
Was it in a dusky day? ! !
I heard a clarion in my heart! !
I heard that whisper soft at heart! !

Heart! Heart! Lovely heart
The call of a mercantile
Vicious and wittiest
To sell his golden dazzling hearts

Trust, the vital hunt in life
Relevant and prevalent syllable
A triggering catalyst which stimulate
And Axle life and yank towards

My diary is so sweet and soft
And rimmed fair with rainbow frill
My words are plane and deep from core
And dance with me in glowing glee

I heard that weeping feeble tone
From your heart that sound me hard
As if from a broken heart
And haunt me still now in my heart

Feel that! feel, with your heart
The feel! The passion of real love

Don’t long for those words to sound;

I hate you.. I hate you

The words of my comrade
Made me smile

It resolves again, again
In the way of my life
Accidentally, Unknown to me,
Abeyance abides behind me

I feel that feeble gradient heart
Loving, caring and chilling
Oh! I feel its warmth and cold and
Virile visage with vivid smile

It is the proclaim by mystic
Illegible ordain on forehead
Both sage and savage shall take
The solemn oath to let be born

My child is fond of butterflies
And dances with those little flies
Whitty, Spotty, tiny flies
And little pretty butterflies

Oh! Don't U see the dead bodies?
In lovely land of scarifies..
Oh I hear the weeping child...
Oh! I hear broken women…

I go crazy now a day
To esteem you my dear Sun
Your shine, your rays
Hot.. Pierce my skin

I met an alien from beyond
Beyond the plane where I could reach
He landed in a carriage
With wheels of warming words and thoughts

Don’t be angry on my missteps
I do, while I dance with you
As my anklets wish to jiggle
So softly to hear your heart

Oh! Dear women
All over the world
Speaking the language of silence
Break it, Let the world recognize

Our Constitution

On a splendid, sunny day;
Powerful comrade M.N Roy;

The Best Poem Of Sandhya S.N

Touch Me Not; But Leave Me Not;

Touch me not, when you find me;
Wander in huge wild thoughts
May sometimes I ponder you;
And scrumble you through my life

Touch me not, when you see me;
Fidgeting in fanatic fear;
May sometimes I fetch you too..
To the frantic world I roam;

Touch me not, when you spot me;
From among the fantasies!
May sometimes I chain you too..
In my world of frantic dreams! !

Touch me not, when you get me;
In a state of empathy;
May sometimes I enchant you
With my hidden black magic!

Touch me not, when you find me
Flaming ardent in argue;
May sometimes I exterminate;
With my freaking flat hatchet;

Touch me not, But;

Leave me not.., when you see me,
In a feel of extreme grieve,
May sometimes I want you too..
To regain me from that regress! !

Sandhya S.N Comments

An analysis of Ms Sandhya's poetry shows a few things: that a young woman needs to self improve on an ongoing basis to be well known! her poems hover around a few themes and do have some some4thing to communicate but the craftsmanship minutiae let her down!

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p.a. noushad 17 April 2010

simple language and gives very deep insight of life, i like your poems very much sandhya

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Subroto Chatterjee 08 April 2009

You wrote: 'If time persist please read my poems I am left on my own, Touch me not but leave me not and The Constitution' ? ? ? ? ? ? Whoaaaa! ! ! ! ! Seriously Sandhya, If you were given poetic licence, You'd kill..with words, ofcourse! IN the meantime, if time permits (! !) , I'll take a look at your poems. Cheers. Subroto.

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