Perfume To Spray Poem by Anusha Subramanian

Perfume To Spray

Rating: 4.8

Inside the beautiful bedroom,
On top of the decorated dressing table,
In front of all the charming cosmetics,
There stood a cute little bottle.

With its body made of gleaming glass,
Its cap like the sparkling king’s crown,
With its tremendous fashionable texture,
It contained a cool, colorless liquid.

Though colorless,
The liquid was entirely precious.
It had an adorable jasmine scent, with the hint of fresh mint.
People went crazy about it, and sprayed it over their fabulous face and lovely body.

‘The perfume’ – as they called it – was expensive,
Yet people bought it with satisfied smiles.
Even out of many splendid sprays,
The perfume was chosen to make their day.

Anusha Subramanian 26 May 2009

Please do read 'The perfume'. I would like to hear comments about both..

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well structured brought me the perfume smell

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Surya . 06 June 2009

vow! your sense of observation is fantastic. such fine thoughts are an assets of a good poet posted 10 love surya

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Kamal Saxena 14 October 2009

The sheer beauty of the poem in such a commonplace topic as this proves that talent does not confine to age. Kamal Saxena

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Subroto Chatterjee 10 June 2009

Thats what people like: to smell like a million bucks... Cheers. Subroto

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Joseph Poewhit 10 June 2009

To me woman wear perfume.

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Yll L 08 June 2009

cool! it describes about the perfume...

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Vidi Writes 08 June 2009

I do really love this write. Yes i too get amazed With the sight a perfume bottle. Don't like to try, but just to keep. Dear Poet, it can be an expensive hobby! Of course, not for all..., i do agree. Enjoyed the essence of this poem. Thank you.

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