Alyssa Lynn

Temporary - Poem by Alyssa Lynn

He knocked on the door, her heart skipped a beat. She opened the door, as her hand began to shake. He walked in smelling like no man had ever smelled before, a sweet lingering smell. He tried to tell her how pretty she looked but he couldn’t help but stutter. She couldn’t help but laugh just a little; he was so cute when he was shy. She saw those eyes; green as the grass she saw his hands just as shaky as hers. She grabbed his hand and said “let’s go”. He smiled, and nodded towards the door, he drove her somewhere special. He took her to a carnival as they rode the roller coasters she slid in closer to him; after all she was “scared of heights”. He held her close if only for a few minutes. She tried to hold in her excitement, but savored every second she knew it wouldn’t last as did he but neither pulled away. He looked her in the eyes; as if that’s all he ever could need and drew closer to those lips. She knew this trick, after all she was one to fall, she knew this might not go anywhere but she jumped in and took the plunge. She also moved closer to those lips, she couldn’t pull away. Their lips touched as if it was somehow magnetic. The power of the kiss caused neither one to stop. She had to pull away just to catch her breath, and couldn’t pull away. She had to pull away just to catch her breath, and couldn’t help but think, “I did it again I fell for another one… even if it’s only temporary.”

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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