Tension And Release Poem by Tricia Mae Chua

Tension And Release

The air suddenly changed this morning.
From the hot unforgiving summer heat
Came the cool breezes heralding autumn
Another season has passed
It was around this time two years back that I met him
His words were a sweet liquor to my dry lips
Igniting the flame of passion and desire
That burned within me.
I never knew I could feel so much for someone
So many miles away.

We met several months after.
He was my tall, dark, and handsome prince.
So gentlemanly in speech and manner
I loved him. He loved me.
Our romance and passion for each other grew.
But reality did not fit expectation.
I was a rose in full bloom, left to wilt on the vine
It’s petals once fresh and soft,
But now dry and blackened by neglect
Left only to crumple and fall silently by the wayside
Picked up and transported by the wind
Dry and paper-thin shapeless things
Twirling around in endless confusion

That was what it was,
A love that was not meant to be
Futility and painful confusion
Because of his selfish actions
I was willing, he was unsure
I had given him much of myself
And wanted to give him more
But he was afraid
And he was tired
In fear and fatigue, he succumbed to darkness
The dragon finally swallowed my prince whole
He can no longer return,
He is forever lost to me
I weep and mourn at what could have been
The dreams I so wanted…of a family and a life together with him.
Shattered pieces of a pretty picture I had kept for too long of a shared future
That now can no longer be mine.

Greenbelt, MD/ August 31,2009/ 8: 59 PM

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