That Kind Of Lover Poem by Aj Anwar

That Kind Of Lover

love dwells
in his eyes

not on any other
vital part of
his body
as you would like
to believe

so he will love you
dearly when around

when out of sight
you are out, just out

not because he is- -
by intention- -
a cheater
as I would describe
his behavior

but because he is blind
whenever you leave him

Friday, August 10, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: eyes,love,love and life
Susan Williams 18 August 2018

That kind- -probably a great % of men- -should be called self-lovers, they are true only to their own gratification and scoreboard. That is sad- -they lose out that way because their wife will leave them- -spiritually and emotionally if not physically. And if loved right, women could make men feel that heaven is on earth. Unfortunately, a larger % of women seem to be that kind of lover themselves these days. Well written poem.

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Aj Anwar 18 August 2018

That's true. I admit that this poem is just a way of picturing something the it so common. And you are right that 'if loved right' men/women will be at their very best. Thank you for commenting on this poem, Susan.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 11 August 2018

It is a beautiful poem on love and life having touching expression and nice collocation. Most impressive lines are.....but because he is blind whenever you leave him behind Thanks for sharing.

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Aj Anwar 18 August 2018

Thank you sir, appreciated.

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Gajanan Mishra 10 August 2018

because he is blind, in fact we all are blind

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Aj Anwar 11 August 2018

We all are, someway or the other. Thank you Gajanan Mishra.

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