The Choice Poem by Aj Anwar

The Choice

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He shifted his life gear
to the N position,
to sidestep
the course
of D or R,
a hard one that was,
a maneuver to allow
the right and
the left sides
of him

Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: driving,life
Susan Williams 16 August 2018

Oh! ! ! ! I like this! ! ! ! I shall not ever again shift gears without thinking of it as a metaphor for life! ! ! But I must not take it out on the transmission- -going in reverse in life can be unappealing but in a car it can be exceedingly helpful- - -neutral may not take me places but it does give me time to reflect. Enjoyable write! ! !

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Aj Anwar 17 August 2018

Susan, thank you for sharing your angle on this little poem. Yes, through this simple metaphor I wanted to say that our preoccupation to go forward, even faster and further, quite often pursued through neglects of our other parts of the 4 sides of directions. Family and friends staying on our right/left sides are the usual victims. Thank you again, love your exclamation marks.

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Egbebi Mariam 15 August 2018

yes to drive. good poem, keep it up.

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Aj Anwar 15 August 2018

Thank you. But I am on the N, preferably.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 15 August 2018

Such a pretty poem, AJ👍👍👍

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Aj Anwar 15 August 2018

Thanks, Bernard.

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