That Loving Feeling Poem by Jo Elliott

That Loving Feeling

There is a place inside my chest
that feels like it's been stilled
and I've now come to realise
it's actually been filled.

At times,
I considered it empty,
at others if felt like pain;
now I know
that this feeling is when it's topped up again.

There were times I asked for it to be taken away
because I didn't like the feel of this.
My thoughts would direct it to where it should go
and this left a feel of bliss.

The pain kept coming back to me,
The reason?
I don't know why,
although sometimes to help release it
I would laugh or cry.

I took time get to know it.
I accepted it into my life
and now it's beyond the realms of joy,
I now know this pain's not strife.

This pain is oh so beautiful,
it's really a joy to feel,
I no longer see it as a pain,
it's a feeling that's just unreal.

The bliss I feel inside me
is captured in my heart,
yet when it's filled to overload
it's like it's ripping me apart.

It flows out as I dance and sing
or sometimes when I cry,
the feeling I thought of as a pain
now spreads its wings to fly.

It flies the whole world over,
lands where it feels the need
and there it waits to bloom one day
like a flower from a seed.

It grows with every moment
when it's accepted as a part.
It grows and grows
and fills the space
that we all call our heart.

So when some say love is painful
knowledge is what they lack.
It only hurts
when you've got too much,
so give the world it back!

Thank you for reading 💖

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