The Abandoned City Poem by Amber Piercy

The Abandoned City

Rating: 5.0

The Abandoned City

Prompt: The Dust Settles In The Cracks!

He slowly walks down the desolate street
Holding his old teddy bear
Wrapped up in his favorite blue sheet
That's honestly worse for wear

He shuffles along barefoot
So confused and alone
The ground is covered in gray soot
The silence is thick like stone

Silently he begins to cry
Because he doesn't know what else to do
Everyone left without saying goodbye
Just disappeared out of the blue

He stares at the empty chaos
As he creeps down the littered street
He feels the sudden loss
As the cold seeps into his feet

He looks around with wild eyes
At the empty forgotten buildings
He whimpers and cries
Looking for his siblings

His hair is sweaty and wild
Because he just woke up
Just a 6-year-old child
Still clutching his sippy cup

He timidly says hello
Into the quiet afternoon air
The sky is a fading yellow
He brushes back his sticky hair

Where is everyone
The town is totally empty
All the people are gone
Except for me

The smell of smoke hits his nose
As he zig zags around an empty truck
The doubt grows
His brain feels stuck

Is anyone here
He yells into the gloom
He freely lets go of every tear
In this empty afternoon

His child like brain doesn't understand
The serious situation he's in
He stares at his little hand
And begins to wander again

He slowly walks to his house
And decides to just wait
It was as silent as a mouse
An so was his fate

A.D. Small
May 11,2024


3) the opening line sets the mood " Dust Settles In The Cracks! "… A beauty

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2) exquisite poetry. The soft melody and rhythm and rhyme accentuate the melancholy mood of the poem. Loved it. Top score and added to MyFavourites

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Hi dear poet! You have dug up an ocean of the loss and destruction caused by wars, without saying so much. A poignant survey of the ruins the mankind will eventually face if he continues with the chaos. Through the tearful eyes of an innocent hapless child…..

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