Iife Is For The Birds Poem by Amber Piercy

Iife Is For The Birds

Rating: 4.9

Life is for the birds

I feel like I'm slowly being torn apart
Like a flock of vultures are fighting over my flesh
Honestly I don't even know where to start
I just feel like I need something fresh
I can't live my own life without these birds
Everywhere I go I see their feathers
They make me angry beyond words
They pluck at my body through any weather
I want to be free to live my own life
With out all these crows everywhere
I want to scream at them with a butcher knife
And tell them to stop making the game unfair
The birds follow my every move
They stock my every decision
Like a key fitting into a groove
You have to turn the tumbler with precision
There little beady eyes watch me
So cold and dead inside
I beat my wings trying to get free
I duck and dodge and try to hide
But the birds bring me one thing
Complete darkness

A.D. Small
August 17,2021

Thursday, June 9, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: feelings,anger,emotions,family,stress,life,memories,drama

Beautiful, metaphoric. The metaphors of different birds, vultures to start with, and then crows…that bring "only darkness" are exquisite. Truly gelling with each other and with the mood of the poem. Loved it.

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Amber Piercy 13 June 2022

Thank you very much i am glad that you enjoyed it.

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" They stalk my every decision"… wonderful

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Ruslan Kerimov 08 July 2024

A piece of poetic jewelry! Enjoyed reading it!

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 03 May 2024

Hi poet-friend! I am sure many have had the same type of experience, very well and vividly written! Get some rest, LOL! Loyd

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Dennis Ryan 09 May 2023

One more thing—read women poets like my friends Linda Pasten, Denise Levertov, Mary Oppen, poet and Modern painter. Best, Dennis

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Dennis Ryan 09 May 2023

I like this poem too, the metaphor of birds, vultures, crows picking at you. I feel the same way about crows though I love the Canadian geese that live here in North Carolina. Keep on writing poems!

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Amber Piercy 03 April 2024

Thank you so much for your comments I'm glad that you liked my poem I was definitely going through some things when I wrote this one that's for sure LOL and I'll definitely check out those writers as well thank you for

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Dr Dillip K Swain 02 August 2022

You have to turn the tumbler with precision............very nice words.

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Amber Piercy 05 August 2022

Thank you for your inciteful comment for sure. Im so happy you lile my poetry i have read quite a few of your poems as well and they are terrific

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