The Aftermath Of Daydreaming Poem by Chantelle Nixon

The Aftermath Of Daydreaming

Why don't you speak; won't look me in the eye
You turn the other way, every time I pass you by
Why do you hold her close then whisper in her ear?
Yet when I open my heart to you, you cause me so much fear
I hold you so close to my heart, appreciate your charm
I see the best of all you are, should be the one on your arm
What can she do for you that I can't do times two?
She smiles and laughs and kisses, but does she understand you?
I could be your queen, be that lady by your side
I'd redefine the meaning of choosing 'ride or die'
I know the brilliance of your mind, your essence in and out
I know the realness that is you, just what you're all about
You see, I understand that on my level you should be
But yet you give all that you are to that sneaky, little hussy
I cry for your soul, and the way she'll break your heart
But most of all, I'll cry for something we just couldn't start
I could've been the one to be your girl for years
Held you, kissed you, loved you, chased away all your fears
But now you'll never get this blessing above all else
You're just too preoccupied with that disgusting something else

Joseph Poewhit 07 November 2008

You state a good case

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