The Angles Of The Frame Poem by Rosa Jamali

The Angles Of The Frame

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The Angles of the Frame
A Poem by Rosa Jamali
Translated from original Persian into English by the Author

Many years have passed since that day,
I looked at my aged wrinkled face into the mirror
My secrets are revealed to the pebbles
And bulging sands of the seashore
Many years have passed since that day!

This is a tale of my sealed blood vessels that you can never see!

The bull I breast-fed for many years
And I embedded myself into the frame.

I knew it wasn't easy to find the cause,
It wasn't going to happen this way
Weird and creepy!
And we didn't have a clue
There's no justification on what happened
Even nature is confused with what happened!
For many years we have been bewildered by that.

An Island has remained from that vast land
And we settled in that
Nobody showed us the direction
And we got lost in the dead-end alleys
There were just some sketches on the map
If you want to draw a curve, you won't need a compass.

Horse pounding pulse sing endlessly in my blood
My kinsmen of horses, my blood connections
Patterns hook into the rays of that curve
There's a colossal tree
Growing its roots on the roof and top storey.

We can't help the hands going clockwise
We never go backward to the broken seconds
The days have been arranged one after another
And the knights have left the game one after another.

The straw mat you lay down on that and dragged you to sleep
I fell into the habit of this dull house.
Was something supposed to get away from the center of the earth
to join us?

A century has passed
And we are still left in this house.

Dimensions of the past have shifted
And It's not just up to the color of ceiling
New characters approved us as the residents of the house
And our own ran away like convicts
And we got used to the standstill.

Saturday, May 10, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: life,Death ,House,Home,land
Afzal Shauq 31 May 2010

I knew the justifications were hard, Hard as against the current of water. No news from the ambiguous points something uncommon. It can't be justified by natural rules, many years we've been tangled on it. really a great stanza of great poem.. its really an inspiring poem with rich idea..well..10/10

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Ashraful Musaddeq 21 August 2008

Wonderful poem, I enjoyed this much. It's 10.

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It's been a while since I came across something this enigmatic, strong and deep. Four quartets aroha

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