The Answer's In The Wind Poem by Christine Kerr

The Answer's In The Wind

Rating: 5.0

As I take a walk under the moon,
I am hoping you would come by soon.
As the night gets chilly, I feel so alone.
Cause you had never even phoned.
I see a shadow behind a tree
Was wondering who that might be.
There are some footsteps I hear coming near.
Now the face is very clear.
I feel your heartbeat close to mine,
Together we will be for sure this time.
Your eyes are dim as they cry a tear,
Your body is warm as you draw near.
Your lips touch mine, I know what you think,
From your breath, You've had a few drinks.
Say not a word cause I love you my friend,
hope our love will never end.

T S 22 August 2009

Beautiful Just beautiful 10 plus Tracy x

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Laurie Hill 23 July 2009

Such a sweet and tender write, really enjoyed this....

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Stephen Stirk 08 June 2009

This is a wonderful love poem. I'm surprised it hasn't attracted more comments. There is a warmth and a yearning that comes across in this. Love the rhyme, and delighted by your indivualistic approach Best Steve

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