The Arrest

The Arrest.
Stop! Stand still. Poet hands in the air.
Step away from that book; dropp your pen to the ground.
Hands on your head, turn your face to the wall.
Our spotlight has caught you in its circle of light.
Though you think your immune, you`re not anything like.
We’ve caught you red handed, bearfaced, just in time.
Our task bold and bravely to rid streets of crime.
For weeks we’ve watched you, and built up our case.
Now that you’ve been caught we’ll bang you to rights.
But what have I done? Can you turn off the heat?
I’m only a Poet; I don’t look good in defeat.
What crime committed in this day and age?
Can possibly warrant such a massive rebuke?
For no mortal Sin comes into my mind.
I’ve not killed a man or coveted any mans wife.
Not bourne false witness or stolen a mite.
Even religiously honoured my Father and Mother.
No adultery ever nor envy one neighbours life.
What have you done? You should stand there in shame!
The words you have written just prove you’re to blame.
The poetic rubbish that comes from your pen.
Is the product of reading just too much again.
Past spirits of writers released to the wild.
Is something that this man has done since a child?
You’ve caused such a problem for us on this Island.
We’ve not seen the like since they closed the Asylums!
Our threat is they have you shot first thing in the morning!

Tell me your Honour, pray what shall I do.?
Can I make some people happy, could you give me a clue?
My son you`re a Fool and I`m surprised you`ve no notion,
We`ve just had complaints from all over the World.
It seems you`re encouraging those like minded people,
You have given them Hope when we feed them despair.
Well I wash my hands I can make no rational judgement.
So go out and rescue all Folk who will listen in earnest.
But take care that you only speak Gods basic truth.

The Thousandth Man 20th September 2009

Munia Khan 11 October 2009

Stop! ! you need to be arrested right here, right now, right away! ! ! ! Because my heart has been arrested by all of your captivating poems like this one. Your lines are running through my veins which is deadly my dear so Stop! ! You need to be arrested.

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