Sport (Alliteration) Poem by Philip Winchester

Sport (Alliteration)

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Can you canoe white waters in just a bucket?
Slam-dunk that Punk for stealing a car?
Watch Soccer aces pop your money in his pocket.
Or petite, pretty perky little Jockeys riding far.
Ten tennis stars can have their cake and eat it.
Chess masters checked from mating much this year.
Simple sailors asking weather weathers very clement.
A runner bean`s a runner from a standing start.
I notice now the notice board too bored to notice.
Now TV covers sport., Sport covers TV now.

Stanley 05 June 2018

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Munia Khan 16 February 2010

'I notice now the notice board too bored to notice.'-....And i need to notice this line in particular to notice how you notice the boring notice board! ! ! Wow! ! ! truly noticeable! ! ! Lovely poem again, , , , , , , , , Have you noticed that my Master?

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Milica Franchi De Luri 19 October 2009

Hi Philip I have to admit, i can't play any of those sports you mention, nor i can watch them on TV. I think there is nothing more boring than watching some of those sports, especially cricket, or car race. I don't mind soccer, if Australia is playing and winning...ha, ha. And you are right TV and sport cover each other.........Thanks for sharing milica

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Philip Winchester

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