Muhammd Hameed Shahid

The Barren Fancy - Poem by Muhammd Hameed Shahid

by Muhammad Hameed Shahid

She said;

'Our love is static...

And stagnation

Breeds putridity'

From this fancy's rib

Was born the eve of novice desire

Why then should we not,

Alter our roots.


Now that

In consequence of this separation,

Putridity emits its vapours,

It is proved

That the seed of fancy

Has been infertile

Since pre-eternity

(English rendering from Urdu by Bashir H. Nazim)


 82; و ب ص و ر ت ب ہ ت . Very much Beautiful.

I read it three times and enjoyed.

...Well done.

Saghier Ahmed Jafri
September 4,2010 at 11: 35pm

This is a symbolic poem whose roots go to the Eden where Adam and Eve first lived and the word 'fancy' has many meanings to relate. The last punch lines can be conceived as situational considering the putridity. Welcome Hameed Shahid! !

Naseer Ahmed Nasir
September 5,2010 at 2: 05am

Very nice sir,

Adeel Khan
September 5,2010 at 7: 45am

Very well Said Hameed Sb..!
Jamal Nasir
September 5,2010 at 8: 24pm
I don't know whether there's something wrong with the translation or what... somehow, I couldn't get it. I'd appreciate if you could post the Urdu version as well.
Rashid Saleem
September 5 m 2010 at 8: 27pm

Love can't be stagnant and it can't emit vapours
'She' has captioned her emotion as she prefers.
Then whats it, which can cause an intention to even alter the roots?
The poem clearly talks about that subject and its repercussions.
Love is not complicated whereas lust is.

Good read indeed... Thank you for this post, dear poet.
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Vidya Puttur
September 5,2010 at 9: 38pm

Thought provoking
Anwer Zahidi

September 6,2010 at 7: 27pm
One's search for perfection in love gains ground only with the reconciliation to the divine origin...that much profundity is here to read; and only between lines, yes?

Alicia R. Bernal

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