Bernard F. Asuncion September Poems

September Seven

September seven nine years ago,
The Father placed Brother EVM;
To guide and guard the faith of the flock,
As the bright light was given to him.

Viral Twelfth September

V-iral twelfth September
I-s spreading like a wildfire;
V-arious wishes are sent,
O-ffering delightful desire.

Greet The 27th Day In September Morn

I-'ll let you hear the wind whispers
S-oftly beneath the white clouds in the sky,
M-inding the joy on your birthday;
A-ccept my warm wishes and greetings

Joy In Fifteenth September

J-oy in fifteenth September
H-as made you feel fine;
A-lthough there are trials,
N-ot for a time you'll resign.

Affair In Fifteenth September

A-ffair in fifteenth September is held beginning at dawn;
L-ife's loneliness once felt is now really over and gone.

M-oments in fifteenth September

Life In Fifteenth September

L-ife in fifteenth September
O-nce was sad now in ecstasy;
R-apture that you deserve
E-radicates mess and misery.

Love In Fifteenth September

L-ove in fifteenth September
O-ffers a perfect happiness;
R-apture is truly brought,
E-liminating the sadness.

Amusing September Fourteenth New Day

D-ay fourteen September is amusing
A-nd amazing to the beholder's eyes;
N-ew dawn breaks for fresh beginning,
R-emembering you in beautiful sunrise.

September Fourteenth Nice Day

N-ice day fourteenth September
I-s bringing a shining light;
C-arrying a thousand thrill,
H-aving set everything

Meaningful Fourteenth September

M-eaningful fourteenth September
Y-our life is now jubilating
R-etains its light and warmth,
A-s the sun is brightly shining.

Memorable Fourteenth September

M-emorable fourteenth September
A-ims to make you real happy;
R-emembering your birthday
I-s equivalent to an ecstasy.

Morn In Thirteenth September

M-orn in thirteenth September
A-lters the curse of night;
R-ising sun at new dawn
I-s beaming with all his might.

At Dawn Twelfth September

A-t dawn twelfth September,
I-rresistible birth begins;
L-arge amount of ecstasy
E-xplicitly makes some sense.

September Thirteenth Joy

J-oy thirteenth September
U-shers you to the spotlight;
L-aughter, fun and rapture
U-se the center out of

Day Thirteen In September

D-ay thirteen in September
H-as brightened your birth;
A-nother morn has offered
N-ew bunch of million mirth.

Light In Thirteenth September

L-ight in thirteenth September
O-bliterates the blue and gray;
R-ise of the sun that begins
N-ow takes the night

Great Day In Thirteenth September

G-reat day in thirteenth September
I-s breaking in early sunrise;
L-ightness it has brought becomes gleam in your eyes.

Good Weather In Thirteenth September

G-ood weather in thirteenth September
I-s brightly brought to your birth;
G-reen leaves in the nice meadow
I-ntroduce the new fresh mirth.

Kind Season In September Thirteen

K-ind season September thirteen
I-s asked to stay better;
M-orning sun has granted, for he shares shining weather.

In September Thirteenth Day

I-n September thirteenth day,
Z-one of zest seems fine;
S-ince there's a brewing storm,
A-rea stays good by a

Rapture In Twelfth September

R-apture in twelfth September
O-perates the whole day;
N-ight cold chill it warms,
A-llowing the rain to go away.

Kind Clime In Twelfth September

K-ind clime in twelfth September
A-ssures of brighter day;
T-he sunshine in the sky
H-as taken the night away.

Gladness In Twelfth September

G-ladness in twelfth September
L-ets you feel a thousand thrill;
E-vening shadows disappear,
N-ew dawn warms the chill.

Remember Twelfth September

R-emember twelfth September
E-very once in a year;
Z-estful celebration shares with complete cheer.

Bright Day Twelfth September

B-right day twelfth September
O-ffers light and beam;
M-illion mirth is brought
B-ecause of glowing gleam.

On Twelfth September Morn

M-orn of twelfth September
H-as given you much mirth;
Y-our life is filled with joy, for it's the day of your birth.

Joyful Twelfth September

J-oyful twelfth September
E-ntertains your heart;
N-ice feeling for the day
I-s not going to depart.

Mirth In September Eleven

M-irth in September eleven
A-lters the worse weather;
R-aindrop has turned into
K-ind clime getting all the more better.

New Day In September Eleven

N-ew day in September eleven
I-s sure to brightly shine;
W-ith old yesterday gone,
E-arly morn is truly fine.

September Eleventh Day

S-eptember eleventh day
H-as made you feel better;
E-rasing the things of the past,
R-apture replaces the bummer.

September Eleventh Morn

I-n September eleventh morn,
A-nother day warms the moment;
N-ight cold chill is gone,
N-ew dawn delights the

On Tenth Morn Of September

M-orn of tenth September
A-ims to make you happy;
U-sing the day of your birth,
R-ising sun shares ecstasy.

Thousand Thrill Of Tenth September

S-eptember tenth thousand thrill
H-as caused big excitement;
I-t also brings million mirth,
R-apture and pure enjoyment.

Greeting On September Ten

G-reeting on September ten
I-s told to give good regard;
L-arge size of joy is carried,
B-iggest message I forward.

Cheerful September Ten

C-heerful September ten
Y-our friends always remember;
N-ight cold chill has turned
T-o pleasant warm weather.

Joyful September Ten

J-oyful September ten
O-bliterates the cold night;
S-unlight warms the day,
S-etting everything

Another Dawn In Tenth September

A-nother dawn in tenth September
L-iberates you from darkness;
M-orn that has broken
A-llows you to see brightness.

Message On Tenth September

M-essage on tenth September
A-ffirms the pure delight;
N-egative thought has turned
I-nto ideas nice and bright.

New Dawn In Tenth September

N-ew dawn in tenth September
E-liminates the dark night;
C-old chilling rain is over,
K-ind weather makes it right.

Morn Of September Nine

M-orn of September nine
I-s breaking with delight;
L-onely dusk passes by
A-s it drifts into the night.

Let Ninth September Shine

L-et ninth September shine,
E-liminating the darkness;
N-ew dawn has just broken,
E-rasing the grime and mess.

About Ninth September Cheer

A-bout ninth September cheer,
N-ight cold chill is gone;
G-ood morning has risen,
E-njoying the break of dawn.

September Ninth Event

L-et September ninth event
E-xempt you from stress;
A-llowing you to relax and free your mind from mess.

My Wish On Ninth September

M-y wish on ninth September
A-llows your heart to feel better;
D-oor deep inside you
E-ntertains the good

Regard On Ninth September Event

R-egard on ninth September event
H-as brought a thousand thrill;
E-arly light shines so bright
A-s it warms the coldest chill.

Birthday On Ninth September

B-irthday on ninth September
E-xcites your heart and mind;
V-ery joyful celebration
E-rases the mess so unkind.

Eighth September's Worthy Name

W-orthy name of eighth September
I-s denoting sweet success;
N-ever ever will she quit nor will she give up to distress.

Eighth September Morn

M-orn of eighth September
A-llows the sun to shine;
R-aindrops have just turned
I-nto weather warm and fine.

September Eighth Sunny Day

S-eptember eighth sunny day
H-as brought morning light;
A-fter the dusk disappears,
N-ew dawn denies the

Bright Day Eighth September

B-right day eighth September
R-ays are emitted by the sun;
E-arly light starts at dawn,
N-ew morn has brought fun.