My Gift To You Poem by Theo Williams

My Gift To You

Rating: 5.0

When the towers fell on September eleven
Countless souls were sent to heaven
Left families scarred and destroyed
For this nightmare had been employed.

My mind was a witness to the yells and screams
I thought I was trapped inside a terrifying dream
I wept for the human indignant pain
And felt the terror of 9/11 reign.

I watched scenes and saw the slaughter
Of brother and sister, son and daughter
I watched the fire eat buildings and souls
I felt despair eating my empty hole.

Perhaps my prayer I will say
Will bring light to a new day
Hope for a united humanity
Breathe peace instead of this insanity.

Lay down your weapons do not fight
Love one another, let our hearts unite
For when malice abounds from the dark
It prevents light to shine within our heart.

Please surrender all your hate
Coalesce as one, it's not too late.
Please surrender all your fear
Combine our hearts, let's start here.

Send this prayer to all you meet
As this is my gift toward world peace.

Beth Johnson 02 July 2012

I loved insanity and combine our hearts, This is an excellent historical piece and so well rhymed.Nice work.beth

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Ken E Hall 02 July 2012

Humanitarian thoughts a gift toward world peace, alas the reality of hate is shown again in Syria, till to shout out loud in poetry is far better than indifference+++++10

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Queeny Gona 15 July 2012

Wonderful poem indeed. Your gift to world peace is perfect! . Let me join you in your prayers to almighty! Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

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Elena Sandu 11 July 2012

Great poem, it will be read again and again, as many can relate. Same disbelief same pain we felt watching on screen the loss of human life. At first I checked the channel twice thought I have got a movie plus. But when I found such unthinkable was shown for real, live, eyes souls hearts broked into uncountable tears. Years later all kind of stories runs around, no matter what, those lives could never come back.Yes! Let's find the unity in love and care. Thank you for share such a good poem!

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 07 July 2012

Jesus cries! its perfect Theo... i can smell humanity that is covered this poem. cooooollllll

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Nurain Ali-balogun 03 July 2012

Thank you for this gift. This is perhaps d best 'peace-preaching' poem I'v ever read, and it really touched me. Keep up the good work Theo, keep up the good work.

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Jubril Balogun 03 July 2012

lovely poem...thumbs up!

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