The Battle Hymn Of The Elements Poem by Twilight Whispers

The Battle Hymn Of The Elements

You were a fire
Caught in a storm
You’re face was determined
But your clothes were torn
You tried to escape
But you were
Trapped by the wind
It whirled like Fury
As if we had sinned
You tried to call out
But you were drowned
With Mist
Who lingered like poison gas
As if it were Death you’d kissed
You tried to pray
But the sea was too rough
Pouncing on rocks
It was violently tough
You tried to sing
But the storm was too loud
Roaring and flashing
Were the tortured clouds
Suddenly I awoke
I called your name
A gentle whisper
Like a lion tamed
The fire was drenched
By the monstrous ocean
Mist married wind
To make a faith-driven potion
The potion spilled
Purposely on the storm
I gazed at the sky
I saw it frown and scorn

The elements had vanished
But then so had you
You were the fire
The fire was you

I fled to the place
Where your fire had burned
The sun reappeared
So I thought you’d returned

But there was no you
The world just continued

Without you I felt to the sand on my knees
I wished for the security of my old oak tress

But the oak trees weren’t there
I was still on the beach
I was away from my heart
From my home out of reach

I picked myself up and
Took the path south
In the direction of destiny
My heart in my mouth
Maybe I’d find you?
Or you’d find me?
Maybe we’d pass each other
Looking differently?

I walked for miles on my
Destined track
My footprints trod freshly
On this undiscovered path
The ground turned cold
Beneath my feet
I had entered the woods
But what would I meet?
My sandals had boomeranged
And flew back as boots
Now I could tread all the
Mud and the roots
The trees grew proudly
Upon their earth
I whistled a tune
For what it was worth
Then unexpectedly – a stirrer!
I jumped with a start
It danced through my ears
And tested my heart
It was the sound of music!
Oh beautiful music!
The songs of a bird
Wearing a shiny red tunic!
It wanted me to follow
So follow I did
Through bracken, through grass
Through silence amid
But as soon as I came
The singing stopped
For a moment I thought
I was still lost on the rocks
But as the sunlight gleamed
All worry was hurled
To the sun in her sky
Queen of her world
On a distant hilltop
Rose a wisp of smoke
The higher it climbed
The less it chocked

It was then that I realised
As smoke touched sun
My life just dawned on me
All the things I had done
The successes, the failures
The laughs and the tears
My questions were answered
In this story of my years

And then my battle was fought
All my lessons were taught
My life was happy and free.
For the smoke rose to sunlight
And sunlight shone into moonlight,

And moonlight is sunlight is fire is you…

Wherever I go,
You shall come too

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