The Birch-Tree At Loschwitz Poem by Amy Levy

The Birch-Tree At Loschwitz

Rating: 3.0

At Loschwitz above the city
The air is sunny and chill;
The birch-trees and the pine-trees
Grow thick upon the hill.

Lone and tall, with silver stem,
A birch-tree stands apart;
The passionate wind of spring-time
Stirs in its leafy heart.

I lean against the birch-tree,
My arms around it twine;
It pulses, and leaps, and quivers,
Like a human heart to mine.

One moment I stand, then sudden
Let loose mine arms that cling:
O God! the lonely hillside,
The passionate wind of spring!

Sylvia Frances Chan 07 March 2023

from an early age which, together with her growing deafness, led her to commit suicide on September 10,1889, at the age of twenty-seven, by inhaling carbon monoxide. Oscar Wilde wrote an obituary for her in Women's World in which he praised her gifts.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 07 March 2023

Despite her good literary writings and popular poems, she was not haapy: Despite many friends and an active literary life, Levy had suffered from episodes of major depression

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Sylvia Frances Chan 07 March 2023

Great Classic Poem Of The Dsay by Amy Levy. Top Marks!

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Edward Kofi Louis 26 August 2015

Nice work with the muse of Spring.

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Ramesh T A 26 August 2015

Nice composition of poem to read about tree and spring!

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