The Bird Becomes A Bard And Longs For An Archibald Wooster But Will Settle For A Book Contract Poem by Gayathri Seetharam

The Bird Becomes A Bard And Longs For An Archibald Wooster But Will Settle For A Book Contract

The bird becomes a bard and longs for an Archibald Wooster but will settle for a Bertie Wooster
Or a series of book contracts from Random House or Simon and Schuster or the likes of PM Justin Trudeau
-Gayathri B. Seetharam
The bird sits on the treetop
And sings soulfully of years gone by
And mourns that there is not the joy of yesteryears now
And brightens up by rejoicing in the promise of happiness in a new tomorrow
And thanks the Lord for the birds that sing and the words so sweet and for everything and a wedding ring;

Is the bird a cardinal which visited our backyard
Beautiful with its orangish red body and black crest
And fleetingly perching on top of the garden shed
For it brought in a new hope in my work oriented world;

On Canada Day, while I was traipsing along the pathway to Grenadier Pond
(After having watched a High Park celebration
In which the Parkdale-High Park MP, Arif Virani, spoke with panache
And fit the part with his hat and a Polish group made good music
And the indigenous Ojibwe man did some healing trick with a feather
And I, sort of, stood out with my Canada Day outfit)
I saw a male and a female red winged blackbird(s)
The black male with its designer wings was simply beautiful
While the female was homely and of a warm brown
They passed me by twice, one after the other,
The male first and the female after but the latter getting a little closer and scaring me
And taught me the symbolic lesson
That I would have to knuckle under the male philosophy that "the winner takes it all"
Unless I made it once again in the engineering world;

I had a wonderful luncheon with lemonade
And walked back enjoying the scenery
And was mildly surprised when a black man complimented me by saying that I was looking rosy,
I thanked him and stopped by for a coca cola
And headed home to bask in the soothing and calming effects of a hair wash and style
After doing my legs and arms and underarms and face
For if slightly hairy body parts brings forth the God fairy, I say
Clean legs and arms ensure that one never becomes a has been
And take it from me who has a lot of pubic hair in the form of curls
One who is brave enough to get a Brazilian wax gets to pay lesser taxes
But a flash of the rich pubic hair results in a lower fare to get to the esthetician and hairstylist.

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Please note: I am being a traitor here for I hail from Toronto where the Blue Jay sings mostly beautiful notes and the Raptor strikes fear in the Cavalier most of the time. The red cardinal this spring came upto the porch and hopped freely.

The Bird Becomes A Bard And Longs For An Archibald Wooster But Will Settle For A Book Contract
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