The Canadian Constitution Poem by Gayathri Seetharam

The Canadian Constitution

The Canadian Constitution
-Gayathri B. Seetharam
The Canadian Constitution says all men are created equal
And this comes with Pierre Elliot Trudeau's pen as it does with Justin Trudeau's now
And is a plaque in the PM's den
And has the wisdom and ken of wise philosophers;

The Charter of Rights and Freedom says that freedom of speech is granted to all
And this does reach out to all citizens of Canada
And, like other democracies, does teach a valuable lesson to dictatorships like Syria
Of whom the Syrian citizens beseech equality;

This is also true of the Canadian that freedom of religion is granted to all
And this is true for all regions in the country
And all the legion in Canada
And this clause is within the vision of the forefathers who set up the country and the native Indians who belong to Canada as do all the others;

The Canadian Constitution also says that a journalist is free to write anything he or she wishes
And this clause implies that the writing has to be bright or special
And make people see the light
And has to be within people's sight or hearing
And sometimes, carries on the people's fight
And speak for their rights;

All these and other clauses makes Canada a great nation (and India less so, only because of its much advertised poverty)
There have been no pauses since the founding of the nations
There have been no louses (if one does not count Richard Nixon)as Presidents or PMs
Who have not heeded the grouses of the people,
There has not been the necessity of rouses or an awakening from sleep, for the people of Canada
For they do browse and work and play
And no PM's spouse has made it to head of the nation;

If it is all about moral values for the functioning of a people and a nation
It is also about oral and written voicing of thoughts
And people who are smitten by their leaders and other good countrymen
And are bitten by the bug of work and play and family
And as is engraved in the Canadian constitution,
Which does not uphold depraved values
But they are a part of smoothly running society when kept at a minimum,
Results in a well paved path to a successful nation.

The Canadian Constitution
Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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