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The Broken Tower

Rating: 3.4

The bell-rope that gathers God at dawn
Dispatches me as though I dropped down the knell
Of a spent day - to wander the cathedral lawn
From pit to crucifix, feet chill on steps from hell.

Have you not heard, have you not seen that corps
Of shadows in the tower, whose shoulders sway
Antiphonal carillons launched before
The stars are caught and hived in the sun's ray?

The bells, I say, the bells break down their tower;
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Now I get the prairie dogs, but I have searched hard and long to find the tempered catholic logic this lexicon of stanzas pours out like a bubbling stream, beautifully concealing its intent. It reads beautifully Neil

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Susan Williams 21 July 2016

The image of the tower. What tower? Well, a bell tower naturally jumps to mind. But there are other towers. The Tower of Babel. The Ivory Tower. A human body. Hmm. The last thought intrigues me. With that symbol we could go nuts talking about the human condition with its imperfections, hope, despair, and love. Or maybe its just a bell tower.....

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Susan Williams 27 July 2016

Sandra, you tickle me to death! ! ! I prefer Hostess Cupcakes though they would make a sound like smoosh- smoosh- smoosh in that bell tower.

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Sandra Feldman 21 July 2016

Just a Bell tower, that's it, we're just a bunch of Ding-Dongs trying to survive in the length of sound.

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James Mclain 21 July 2016

Frog's can't jump to high yet inevitably when a bird flies to low it hits the windshield of a car.. iip

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Edward Kofi Louis 21 July 2016

Shadows in the tower! ! Thanks for sharing.

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Justin Gonzalez 25 November 2012

I wish I wrote this poem. But since it has already been written, I wish I could one day write a poem that is anywhere near as good.

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