The Chicken Poem by Palitha Ranatunge

The Chicken

Rating: 4.5

I encountered them
Bundled into a tiny iron cage
At the poultry seller
All were feeble and hungry
Faded with pale fear in eyes
Having seen the mates
Chopped up at every minute
One by one, just like in
Of Mel Gibson,

I wanted to save them all,

Well, you can save them
By buying them all and
Feed them until
A comfortable death
Tell me is it worth
Giving these factory made
Broiler friends a future
Since they are only manufactured
For KFC or Mc Donald paper boxes,

Pity? isn't it?

Sunday, December 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Navod Dilhara 25 February 2016

You made me ruminate for a while... True story. And if you wanna save them, you need to buy them and feed.. If you ever had a chance, would you?

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Dr Antony Theodore 09 January 2016

A very great truth! ! ! no one talks about it. you are bringing in a fact about which all the governments should talk and take decisions. we humans are greedy and cruel. For the sake of amassing wealth we do all the mean things in this world. we poets have a social and moral responsibility to talk loud about it. you are doing it now. thank you very much. tony

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Jesus Diaz Llorico 27 December 2015

A beautiful piece of art work..simple yet so fecund. Excellent..10+ rated

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Palitha Ranatunge

Palitha Ranatunge

Gampaha, Sri Lanka
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