Bri Mar

'' The Colour Of Our Skin '' - Poem by Bri Mar

Why are we obsessed with a persons colour,
When life without it would be so much duller,
We only get one chance in this life,
Yet another's shade can cause so much strife.

We'll buy black and white paint without thinking twice,
Decorate Yellow and Red and say it looks nice,
Yet when it comes to the colour of a persons face,
For some unknown reason we think of their race.

Why do we create this terrible mess?
We are all human beings, no more no less,
Regardless of colour it's perfectly true,
One colour can do anything the other can do.

Let's try and put this into perspective,
All other life forms are just not as selective,
Colour to them is mainly for disguise,
It is also an attraction which pleases their eyes.

If we looked at these others then maybe we'd learn,
That colours an asset not a matter for concern,
Here are some examples which will show there's a link,
If nothing else they should make you think.

If ten people died from different cultures,
Then from above appeared some vultures,
Would they look down and say, which colour will we eat?
Of course they wouldn't to them we're just meat.

As the lions stalked humans out in the bush,
They thought which one will we kill if it comes to a push,
There's red and yellow and black and white,
We're not really sure which one is right.

The leader of the pride said, go catch your game
Forget their colour they all taste the same
We don't really care about colour or creed
If we don't kill we die we must have our feed.

Their attitude to life is more clever than us,
Simple ideals they make less of a fuss,
Their aim in this life is just to survive,
If we weren't here all lifeforms would thrive.

Humankind's made in Gods image is what they say,
So why do some humans feel this way,
What colour is God if that's really true,
If truth be told we do not have a clue.

Racism is a purely a human trait,
So what's going to happen when we reach Heavens gate,
Will God harbour racist thoughts in his head,
Then say no black or white just yellow and red.

That's the dilemma facing us here,
There are some we accept while others we fear,
If we could accept who we are comes from within,
There would be no need to worry about,

‘'The Colour Of Our Skin ‘'

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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