Ace Of Black Hearts
Homa Lousiana
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The Completely Unnecessary

Feeding the fires flames full of so much change.
I will not allow the conversation die.
I will not become a fading sun rise.
Remaining part of who I use to be.
Being brought to slaughter.
Yeah you can watch or be one of their victims.
Never again.
Definitely not your friends.
They are only there for the obscene profits.
No matter the lives it ruins.
I will show you how to live without that kind of compromise.
I never did sell out, can you say the same.
Straight from heart.
Truth to power every god damn time.
A war is being waged behind the scenes.
You'd have to be blind not to see it.
With every renown artist, writer, musician, craftsman, tradesman comes a heavy price.
Putting food on the table, working two or three jobs to just to get by.
Mean while the corporate elite continue to claim all the hard work as there own.
With no experience of what it takes when you have nothing.
Being so poor, you can't even afford a chainsaw to heat your own home with the wood you cut.
Bottoms up, yeah I lived it.
And still am living it.
In a better position then yesterday most definitely.
But the truth is, the system is designed to keep you debt by buying things you don't need or are designed to break.
Even you're health is a commodity to be bought and sold.
Enough behold.
It's time to come together say no more.
I keep hearing you them say certain people have no rights.
Just doing what you're told.
Start questioning humanity's need to destroy.
Start questioning all these wars over basic resources.
Start speaking up, start demanding what everyone of us deserves.
Not just in united states but around the entire world.
Let no place stay silent.
Let no stone unturned.
Be loud, be fearless, protect one another, never turn to violence.
Never fall into the division of hate.
We are all different, but our basics needs are all same.
Clean water, a roof over our heads, food to eat, warmth during those cold winters, cool air during the hot humid summer time days, able to fill your medical needs, an ability to live peacefully when your seventy.
Now is the time, always never wait, do not procrastinate.
Make the time, before it becomes impossible to change the world in which you live.
Never accept anything less.
Because we are equals in every way that matters down to our very genetic code.
No matter your beliefs in what god.
Religious or not.
Prejudice is a cancer, a rot, so look past it and think to the future and you won't be just be helping yourself or your direct family but your fellow man and woman through out the entire planet.
Do it because it's what we all deserve.
This is not politics, they are no party lines of fairness in which we define.
Exploitation is never kind.
No matter who, or what it is being done too.
If your well off don't think this is not your fight.
Because chances are your friends with someone that's the product of that loaded gun.
And you can accomplish more, and open more doors then those less fortunate then you.
There is no reason for this in the 21st century.
No exception the gives you an excuse or right to allow it to continue.
Only dead men hang from a knoose.
A moral obligation to all.
Not a call to arms, but a call for compassion, for love, for empathy, for a little less indifference.
Please don't wait with theses kind of choices you make.
People are suffering every single day.
And it's completely unnecessary.

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