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The Curse - Poem by Scarlet .....

a curse unto me has been placed
a cruse so common
yet there is no cure
once you are trapped
your mind can never break free from its grasp
this is a curse of the worse kind
for it can spread to anyone
without a reason
without any warning signs
this curse will eat your mind from within
it will turn your heart to stone
and shatter it
it will rip your soul to pieces
and stomp on it over and over
this curse causes the worse damage
the scars no one can ever see
at least not with there eyes
these scars can never heal
this curse always reopens its old scars
as time goes on it
runs salt with in the old wounds
never letting them heal
once this curse is placed on you
it stays with you
it may let up for awhile
but at a time when you least expect it
it will emerge
in the back of your mind
as string as ever
for this curse spreads too quickly to stop
it poisons all it touches within you
it feeds off of pain
it drink your tears
and eats your soul
this is a curse I would never wish upon my enemy
not a soul would I wish to suffer the pain this curse causes
for this is the curse that never ends
this is the curse of depression

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Poem Submitted: Monday, June 18, 2007

Poem Edited: Sunday, March 13, 2011

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