The Darkest Night 3 Poem by Aram Stefanian

The Darkest Night 3

Rating: 4.8

I stood in the threshold with Arthur and Mary
The creepy house looked empty and soundless
The doorkey was lost, and that was extraordinary
Black woods behind us seemed both adverse, and lifeless
The moonless night wrapped its dusky blanket around us
Mary said to me, '' I have to get back the witch's book
Come on, break the window, don't be such a wuss! ''
We broke into the house, and gasped at seeing a spook
A ringer for Mary was sleeping on the couch
And the book lay open on the wooden floor
Which one was real Mary it was hard to vouch
And soon we heard a key turning at the front door
When the sleeping girl woke up, she screamed in panic
Mary grabbed the book, and the sorcery expired
She turned into an ugly witch, too old and frantic
Grim Reaper entered the room and told her she was retired
He held onto her arms, and the book fell down
The witch disintegrated, and was reduced to ashes
The house caught fire, it was time to get out of town
Death said we'd be under his watchful eye, against our wishes

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