The Day I Steped..... Poem by simran arora

The Day I Steped.....

Rating: 3.5

The day i steped on round,
Different things i learned,
Differenses i found,
Watered my skills,
And fertilised my ups and down....

The day i steped on round,
Wieved my ideas,
And vision around,
Brought me in me,
And set my goal's entries....

From the day i steped on round,
I passed the way from then to todayh
With compromise and adjust to stay,
Riding the horse of time which pass,
Strongly moving with love that is scares,
Grown with crops,
And cultivated with wilds...

From the day i steped on round,
I worked on pillors,
And diamends of crown,
Made me enough a warer to be won....
A member of smile and beat of fun....

Now my yestorday breeses,
Make me feel good being that,
But what to be my tommoro,
This and that...

That is a hasty greedy good dooms,
Or in a patterened of beatiful room....

Vishal Sharma 14 July 2013

nice poem liked a lot very gud expression

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Hazel Durham 11 July 2013

This is a delight so new and a fresh way of thinking!

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Zandile Zoya 11 July 2013

nice one dear, keep on writting and iwill keep on reading

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Survi Sharma 10 July 2013

nicely expressed glad reading your poem

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