A Rose..... Poem by simran arora

A Rose.....

Rating: 2.3

It is not a group of petals..
But a pair of pain and smile,
its not a grace of colour,
but a bloody symboled heart,
its not a beauty of garden,
but a guard of ego,
its not a stamp of love,
but moreover it is a flage of care,
its not a reason for promise,
but a pledge of trust,
its not a way for enrichment,
but a path of hunger,
its not a way for dreaming beats,
but a reality of heart,
its not a light on street,
but a shadow of every start.....!

Gajanan Mishra 19 June 2013

shadow of every start, good one.

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Luo Zhihai 31 January 2015

But a pair of pain and smile, Sweet, sad!

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Indranil Bhaduri 22 June 2013

Powerful write..loved it..

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Survi Sharma 21 June 2013

classy poem well done dear poetess wishing you a great future

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Jordan Sebastian 20 June 2013

Promises are made to often, but trust is earned and has a lasting effect. The rose symbolizes this and much more the ever lasting push and pull. You can't have the good without the bad, and that's why there are thorns, pain and smile shows the similarities of what I speak. LOVE IT! ! sensational poem! ! !

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Abhishek Mishra 19 June 2013

Beautiful poem..keep writing

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