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A teacher is one who,
Can groom every creation,
A teacher is one who,
Can enhance every admiration,

For me,
my freedom is at the priority,
conbination of adjustment,
and compromises in majority....

i am a shadow of a tree,
a soule of a smile,
a proud of a strong heart,

When time was more,
we were less,
when time declined,
we were raised,

Suicide is the hidden love for something, someone,
It is the last option to skip from any tension,
This is the stage without stares,
And remind all fares,

I stud aside the hills,
feearing and scaring,
loving and dareing,
gromed and graced me,

i would be a bird in the sky,
i would rule the heights i deserve,
i would rest in the lap of stars,
i would resemble every turn......

In me a poet lived with in,
thinking high and green,
smiling even when self is pouring down,
loosing the terms, but dreaming the crown.....

A question can make a day,
Can inspire u for a better way,
Give u sunny smile,
And a love included file,

Think for "we"before"I",
smile for "all" before "me",
Share as "our" before "mine",
Work for "passion" before "earn",


When i smile,
i smiled along....
But when i cried,
i cried alon....

A heart dies,
move out and flies,
whe it cant express
its love, its pain....

When i got something,

for me it was just a crazy sting...
Which staired me up for a start,
which made me grow as i a part,
risind from fallen standerds,

An incoherent relation,
Can be mending,
Only when we show some helping hand,
But in reality it starts including insecurity,

Time is money,
as sweet a honey,
Time is precious,
Time is delicious,

A shadow of respect,
a flame of response,
a desire of destination,
a bridge of dreams,

One single silence,
Can hammer every beat of our heart,
It would be the reason for every impediment,
It works like an active musket,

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I AM A STUDENT AND A LEARNER. I STARTED WRITTING POEM IN CLAAS 5TH AND NOW I AM HERE AT A VERY CRUSHIAL STAGE.I AM NOT SO EXPERT BUT STILL LOVE TO BE KNOWN AS A POET.MY POEMS EXPLAIN MY EMOTIONS AND HUMOUR.READERS NEEDS TO THINK A LOT FOR UNDERSTANDING THE DEPTH OF MY POEMS.I M CONFUSED AND WEEK IN HINDI BUT QUIT GOOD AT A, B, C, D....I LOVE TO DEBATE ON SOCAIL ISSUES AND HUMAN RIGHTS, IN SHORT' fre ma panga lana pasand h'.....i lv to hangout with frnds, plan pranks, do a lot of massti and at last a swet sory to 'Bali ka bakkra'......i try to expres my condition in my poems....u cn find yourself in those.....i m quit a emotnal person, but can worstly explain my poems and my words are the bridge to understand me in bst way i cn....)

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You Are One

A teacher is one who,
Can groom every creation,
A teacher is one who,
Can enhance every admiration,
A teacher is one of,
The true inspiration,
A teacher is one who,
Give us our right elevation,
A teacher is one to give,
Us a chance to step in there generation,
With them our life,
is full of celebrations,
They may dare to use quotation;
And these quotation,
Should have fixations,
Every student is unsuccessful,
Without there inspiration,
After all a teacher is more important
Then Alfa, Beta, Gamma and Newton.

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Vishal Sharma 21 June 2013

your poems are inspiring and motivational ones loved reading them atleast i have found my one compititor lol...

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Ashish Gupta 31 March 2012

the poems are meaningful... they give a different direction for thinking... wish u gud luck - Ashish Gupta

2 1 Reply
Simran Arora 03 December 2011

wish to know more about me, so waiting for your comments.

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Shruti Parasher 23 November 2011

Nice poems miss poet, .! ! ! loved it..!

3 1 Reply
Simran Arora 24 September 2011

Thats the spirit of life.finding your self.

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