A Poet.... Poem by simran arora

A Poet....

Rating: 2.3

In me a poet lived with in,
thinking high and green,
smiling even when self is pouring down,
loosing the terms, but dreaming the crown.....

In me a poet lived in,
depressed and droped for every stains,
writting and explaining its cries,
the pain and its tear introdusing those droped fly....

In me a poet lived with in,
describing the world of love and hate,
under a shadow of respect of being good and even great.,
excepting even the tears,
she badly bears,
still smile in pain of dare...

In me i had a poet lived in,
trys to live the life she belong to,
but who knows,
that whether that world exist,
and if yes wher?

Sun Shine 12 July 2013

though it seems like a prose passage, but good

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Hazel Durham 06 July 2013

With great natural fow that sets the poem alight!

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Indranil Bhaduri 29 June 2013

Fantastic penning.. keep it up.

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Survi Sharma 23 June 2013

nice and a beautiful write liked a lot

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Vishal Sharma 23 June 2013

nicely constructed well verse deep meaning and a natural poem go on writing dear friend

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