Towards A Happier Independence Day Poem by Naima Ansari

Towards A Happier Independence Day

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On 15th August 1947, to us Indians was Freedom bought
From the British at the expense of countless no. of indians that fought
Still it's sad that the matter is not sought
Amongst us Indians who stand apart
On aspects of caste and religion
Oh! Do we get actually get any benefits from this discrimination?

I stand brave and march out
With these verse of mine, I'll roar loud
That freedom is yet not gained oh countrymen
We still got much to pray before we say AMEN!
The Real Independence would be when
A Hindu or a Muslim
A Sikh or a Christian
The poor and the downtrodden
Have all equal status as countrymen;
When She walks all veiled up and is not mocked
When She is dressed in strips and yet not stalked
When She can tread the streets without being raped and robbed
When the unemployed get themselves proper jobs
When corruption: the snake has its venom lost
When illiteracy fades and eduaction peeks through the huts and bars
When diseases are cured at a petty cost
Oh dear Countrymen! Let us all promise at last
And stop worrying about the Govt and its arts
But let's all look deep into our own hearts
Let's all remove all our dirts
Cause the Motherland gave us all equal halves.
Let not the Nation lose its Strength
Since it has given us the Identity of 'A HIND'
Cause the difference between               "the Hymns and Adhaan"
"The Ram-Ram and the Salam"
"The Mandir and the Masjid"
"The Gita and the Quran"
Is what marks the Diversity of Indian culture
Let us all join our hands and put down the wall
For United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: diversity,freedom of speech,independence day,unity
Rajnish Manga 15 August 2018

Great poetic expression of our sentiments on the 72nd Independence Day. The poem nicely underlines the ethos of our ancient culture and Ganga Jamuni civilisation. Our freedom will not be complete unless age old values and traditions are not restored to foster a pan-India spirit of brotherhood and mutual understanding. Thanks, Naima Ansari. Let us all join our hands and put down the wall For United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

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Naima Ansari 15 August 2018

Thankyou so much for the praise Mr.Rajnish ☺☺ Indeed our country needs to restore its age old treasure and culture.

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Aj Anwar 15 August 2018

Happy Independence Day for you Naima Ansari and for India. It's 17 of August for us in Indonesia, two days after yours.

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Naima Ansari 15 August 2018

Thankyou Buddy. And I wish you a happy independence day to you and your people in advance..

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Naima Ansari

Naima Ansari

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