The Echo Within You Poem by Naima Ansari

The Echo Within You

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Forget the world, the philosophers and mentors
Look deep into yourself and fetch out what stirs
That petty belief which makes you think you're small
Would crush your intellect, spoil your thoughts and ideas; may kill them all.

Be alone, silent, dwelling inside your heart
Planning, hustling, struggling against the odds
Mark You! That's your real art.
Speak Less, Listen more! -it makes you wise
Stay firm and adamant in your ways, even if they despise.

Life compells you, begs you or moans at you
'Don't ever close your eyes, Take an overview'
You are the master of your own self, your own Lord
Look up, Aim High! Stretch out your wings and fly high as a free bird.

Grow big and sturdy with wisdom and confidence
Life ought not be hollow; I pray, 'Green it deep and dense'
Let not a 'farce melancholy', 'a gusty fear' or a 'capricious love'
Pluck out the power and vigil from a flying dove.

Thursday, November 3, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: life,self discovery
Siddartha Montik 07 November 2016

Accurate and wonderful piece of advise and reality! Thank you for sharing..Nice thought deep!

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Julie Smith 05 November 2016

A great poem about learning, and not only learning but learning to live :) I've had these thoughts too when I was feeling down last spring and I started being attentive, filled with the desire to learn and believe in myself and It worked :) Thanks for sharing and for your nice comment [3

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Naima Ansari 05 November 2016

Thanks a ton, Julie! ☺ Your words make me feel that my poem is worthful.

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