Brittany Graviet

The Devils Snare And Love - Poem by Brittany Graviet

The devil's snare I'd walked into
Not knowing what he'd put me through
Now running from your hateful fears
Trying not to show my tears
Following so close behind,
To look at you, I felt inclined.
I turn around and face my intoxication,
Dying for a glint of admiration
I hoped at least this would fill my need,
Only to find, you'd left me to bleed.

Months passed since that disgrace
Caught locked in your minds embrace
Long ago those trials I endured,
My downfall then seemed ensured.
But through twisted fate I'd gone on.
The death of my heart did not seem wrong.
This hate of you I so fiercely hold,
Though I'd loved you if truth be told.
How sick it seems for me to keep,
To my sad morals, look what honesty may reap.
Emotions now seem of little worth.
Their one of the hundred things I won't un-earth.
I threw my head back laughing so free
From you I escaped, though not completely.
How come in you I had found me?
And then I knew, free from you, I'd never be.
I gasped, clutching my chest's emptiness.
It seemed this pain I could not repress.
The dizziness too soon passed
Which left me with memories relapsed.
Suddenly I became cold as stones
Determination set within my bones
I took a needle, and sowed the memories away.
Never to return to see my minds light of day.

Unfortunately seams rip with age
But so do memories fade in rage.
And so now I'm left, years gone by,
With faded memories of hate and a lie.
Now filling my soul was sick love and sweet loss,
Mixed with hope that the devil and me would never again cross.

Walking down a sadly depressing street.
My thoughts strayed, unusually discrete.
And a flash undertook my hard to capture attention
With disbelief I focused on my redemption.
'No not here god I beg of you'
'Don't let sin rip my life in two.'
It seems I was unbelievably wrong
There's no escape, just a chance to prolong.
As he strode directly towards me,
I desperately panicked, needing to flee.
Though I stayed, not daring to move.
To him, my strength, I wanted to prove.
Now reaching me he began to pause,
And I took in his breathless awe.
I startled to see his face.
Surprised it was not full of disgrace.
Sweet, deceiving admiration filled his piercing eyes,
I felt there was something I was to realize.
He spoke then, his voice so soft, yet rough,
'I've waited for you to be whole long enough.'
I stepped back with surprised shock,
Then felt my heart slowly unlock.
I knew how foolish I must appear
Yet everything felt right, he's near.
I answered back my forgiveness plain,
'Do you think my love you can regain? '
He thoughtfully reflected then,
'I knew I never lost it in that lions den.'
'You left me, dying, all alone! '
I hoped he would try to atone.
'I was there but you didn't want me, so I left,
Our love then was nothing but regret and theft.'
'I hate you! ' I replied
'I can't believe over you I cried! '
'Sweet lamb, ' he warmly soothed enticingly,
'My lions nature you should look for expectantly.'
I gazed into those alluring eyes,
And suddenly I sympathized.
'In bible time the lion and lamb could together lay,
for us, could maybe, this somehow replay? '
I saw my words hold in his deceitful smile,
This was the key he looked for this whole while.
'You are brave.' he lightly mused,
'How can that offer I refuse? '
His hand outstretched and took hold of mine
All resentment melted just in time.
We left my world to start anew.
I knew what lay in-store was dark, but true.
I would dwell in Hell with him, us two together.
Last time I ran, now I would stay forever.
I failed the test before,
But I will never more.
Finally peace had come
In the one thing I had run from.

Comments about The Devils Snare And Love by Brittany Graviet

  • David SmithWhite (10/11/2008 5:21:00 PM)

    Dear Brittany,

    First, don't be too disheartened about Jeff's comments below; while he makes some good points, I think he fails to understand how a true poetic sensibility develops (your rhyming style reminds me of my early efforts) .

    As with anything in life the more you do it the better you become. At the moment you've got a scatter-gun approach which tends to dissipate before hitting whatever targets you want to hit; you've got to be more focused and order your ideas more logically but that will come if you do this one thing:

    Keep Writing!

    You show lots of promise!


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  • Richard Prosper (10/10/2008 10:55:00 PM)

    ! ! ! ! ! Utterly superb in every way, a definite 10! It was like watching the movie as I saw you running away with tears in your eyes and then years later being confronted in the street by this scary, cruel, but irresistible past love. (Report)Reply

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  • Sandra J. (10/10/2008 8:17:00 PM)

    very beautiful and artistic! i completely adore it! (Report)Reply

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  • Sulaiman Mohd YusofSulaiman Mohd Yusof (10/10/2008 8:05:00 PM)

    Its a lovely piece of love detached.......a painful journey written beautifully! well done Britt.A+ and 10! (Report)Reply

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